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Credit Insurance

What is a Credit Insurance?

Credit Insurance is an instrument which protects the Companies against the risk of non payment of accounts receivable, both in the National and International Markets, due to declared insolvency (bankruptcy, suspension of payments concerning creditors, or other similar situations), or for non payment of credits for more than 6 months.

It is possible to cover inter company short term credit invoices for assets or services.

The Credit Insurance Policy covers:

  • The necessity of risk prevention and selection.
  • Follow up portfolio of debtors.
  • Indemnity for unpaid credits.
  • Collection services.

What are the Policy’s complementary services?

Evaluation and individual selection of risks

InSur evaluates the Insured’s credit portfolio and provides counseling regarding definition of credit limits to clients during the entire policy period.

Portfolio follow up

InSur will provide notification in case of any situation that it presumes or anticipates will signify payment problems.

Collection in case of loss

InSur will take charge of prejudicial and judicial collection measures and costs incurred anywhere in the world, where there are clients of the insured covered by a Policy.