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InSur owes its establishment to Companía de Seguros de Crédito Continental (Continental), the first company of its type in Chile. Its history is related to the development of credit insurance as from 1988, being the first company duly authorized by Chilean legislation to operate, within the limits established by the Superintendence of Financial and Insurance Institutions, on the 7 February 1990.

Continental became the Chilean market leader as from its formation, providing effective solutions with respect to risks involved in any type of sales, either national or international, offering indispensable information to its clients, thereby allowing them to carry out their commercial operations in diverse countries.

Continental has likewise achieved to be considered as a leader in the surety insurance market as from 1990, its insurance policies being accepted by the principal public and private entities as an efficient means to guarantee obligations emanating from contracts or legal dispositions.

With wide futuristic vision, Continental took its first internationalization steps, allowing participation of the Atradius Group as shareholders as from 1997, who became important allies and an essential part of the Company’s development procedure.

Continental strengthens its internationalization process widening its business and provision of services horizons by forming the Compañía de Seguros Insur S.A. in Argentina on the 3 October 2007.

InSur, as an affiliated company of Continental, logically inherited the full know how of the leading Credit and Surety company in Chile for more than 18 years, also in respect of Latin America. Further to having the Atradius Group, the second largest credit insurers worldwide, as shareholders, Continental became an important ally and an essential part of the company’s development.

Like Continental, the Compañía de Seguros Insur S.A. keeps close ties with their world wide acknowledged and prestigious Re-Insurers, thereby generating increased market sustenance.