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Credit Insurance


  • Protects creditors against the risk of non payment.
  • The Insured gains a "partner" who assumes the major percentage of the risk of accounts receivable.
  • The Insured has back up provided by market studies and analysis of clients provided by an expert analyst.
  • Allows anticipation of risk factors by InSur, based on important crossed information regarding payment behaviour risks between their Insured mainly in the domestic market.
  • Has payment coverage in the majority of countries worldwide.
  • Transforms the accounts receivable into low risk assets and allows the elimination of financial costs for overdue credit payments ensuring a cash flow and working capital.
  • Allows diminishing of provisions for uncollectible funds.
  • Allows arrangement and structuring of credit policies.
  • Facilitates access to financing, as the policy can be endorsed to a third party (banks, factoring), thereby obtaining bank credits with more ease and lower costs.
  • Improves the Company’s financial classification.
  • Facilitates penetration of new markets.
  • Improves competition in the international market.